About us

Food N' Me™ promotes healthy eating with others - with the focus on balance and togetherness.

  • What Food Am I? teaches the principles of the USDA Food Pyramid and the concept of eating a balanced diet.
  • Smash Your Food shows in real-time the amount of sugar, salt and oil that is in 'commonly abused foods.'
  • Vince and Lyn cartoons entertain while supporting the messages in What Food Am I? and Smash Your Food, as well as the need for exercise.
  • Food Quiz gives children the opportunity to learn while playing.
  • What Recipe Am I takes children on a whimsical food adventure.

Food N' Me™, an on-line experience for children and families, is produced by Octave Media International and its partners. Octave Media International, founded by Frederic and Marta De Wulf, creates, develops and produces on-line services solving real problems with global impact.

Marta De Wulf's favorite food growing up was Chicken Kiev, and she still has nightmares about lima beans! As a child, Marta loved to cook, but found recipes constricting. As a result, many interesting dishes were created - and some big messes! Marta's interest in health, as it pertains to the foods we eat, began at the age of 14 when all of her friends were eating only cookies for lunch! Marta's 20-year career as a nutritionist has given her insight into the role food plays in each of our lives. One of Marta's obese clients asked her, "Why didn't anyone teach me basic nutrition when I was in 2nd grade and began to gain weight?" It was after hearing this that Marta designed and taught a children's nutrition program to over 2,800 students between the ages 5-12 - it was here that the Food N' Me™ table was set!

Frederic De Wulf grew up with a chocolate croissant in one hand and home-grown brussels sprouts in the other - talk about balance! Frederic grew up with 8 siblings where family meals were mini events - laughter, play and lots of food! Frederic, having had a camera in his hand since age 12, has had an extensive 30-year career in multimedia, producing documentaries with Bill Moyers, Jacques Cousteau and National Geographic, and a digital media career at Microsoft and Turner Broadcasting. This, along with his love of food and wellness, has brought a lot to the Food N' Me™ table!

To contact us, please email info@foodnme.com